A warning to messy children everywhere….

Hi there,I’m popping in today, to show you a little hybrid make of mine… Sue helped me a little as I’m not very Craft artist Savvy.. so thank you Sue!
the story behind this is that I HATE cleaning house with a passion… and I fall out with my hoover a lot. it eats stuff. 
I also have two very messy children who also hate to clean house. 
therefore I asked Rick for a demon hoover.. and he obliged (thanks Rick!)
you can find him hanging out in Rick’s Zibbet store , when he isn’t eating people’s mess and clutter…
so let this be a warning to my kids.. or any other messy ones… the demon hoover will eat your stuff if you leave it out.. and he will enjoy doing so!

About rachel Gillham

I'm a twenty something mad cat lady, with a rescue cat and a passion for all things crafting... You can often find me tinkering with one or other of my machines, making cards, vinyl decals for items, or doodling quietly.

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