twinkle twinkle little bat….

Hi there, and a very grotty and poorly  Rachel with you here today.. sorry if the post is a little shorter than usual, i’m currently trying to recover from a nasty tooth abscess, and then my daughter gave me a virulent case of the snots too! You may have seen my ‘mr Tea’ board book spread, and now I am hopping back to page one and two to show you ‘twinkle twinkle’  who I begged Rick to draw.. he did a fantastic job as always and I see me using twinkle for lots of other things too!

Hope you are all well and have a good day!

Rachel xx

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I'm a twenty something mad cat lady, with a rescue cat and a passion for all things crafting... You can often find me tinkering with one or other of my machines, making cards, vinyl decals for items, or doodling quietly.

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