Craft Toy Review – Anker Kids Create make your own felt doll

So Lily got a kit for her birthday, which looked quite a lot of fun- one felt doll to make.. this is for ages 6+ according to the packaging, and I knew that at Age 4, mummy would end up doing a lot of it!

Inspiring products where kids from 4 to 44 can feed their imagination &

re-discover the joy of making, playing, creating & learning, with our range of highly creative craft activities.”-Anker

I could not find a price for this kit, but the website is HERE


from the picture on the box, it looks pretty good, and the felt looks not too bad… but in reality you end up with something that looks kinda scary!


The doll in the kit comes as pieces , some of which you have to remove from the surrounding piece of felt it was cut from… this in itself was a task, as the pieces wouldn’t come out smoothly, and in some places I needed to use scissors.

The pieces themselves, had pre cut stitch holes, to aid the younger makers to put their doll together. unfortunately, the waste from the holes was still in situ, and virtually impossible to remove, without breaking the felt so I went ahead, just pushing it out the way.


obviously, this did not leave a very good finish !

also in some places, the felt was very weak, and when sewing together the parts, the holes just completely crumbled, as seen on the arm, and the flower on the dress front.

The instructions were not the clearest either… they had one small diagram of how to do a blanket stitch, which I feel would be utterly confusing to a 6 year old – even I ended up looking on youtube for a quick tutorial, so that I could make this doll and avoid disappointing my daughter.


neither was the white thread supplied, actually white. I’d describe it as ‘buttercup’


Now I’m no six year old, but neither am I a seamstress by trade, so I am completely unbiased in making this review. It took me the best part of the morning, and even I was bored to tears by the end… not that I even truly FINISHED this doll, as I gave up before doing the socks and shoes. Lily sat with me for the first half an hour or so, and then wandered off, as it wasn’t holding her attention, even though I had her helping to put stuffing in (tip, if you do go ahead and try to see if you can make one of these look better than mine, use some sort of poking device to get the stuffing into the arms and legs). I do not know how long this doll will hold up, even with light play… and to be honest, I’m going to hide it at the earliest opportunity, as she freaks me out!

Heeeellllo Dolllly!


all in all I’d give this toy 1 out of 5 – and this was only because the stuffing supplied seemed quite good quality, and there was enough left over for me to actually make something prettyier (I told you.. I’m no seamstress!)






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