Cutting basics with the silhouette cameo

Hi there! My friend Jen that runs the SCASH group on facebook and the youtube channel ‘ Scan ‘n’ Cut Jam Sessions‘ had a query today, which she passed on to me as a Silhouette cameo user- I’m fairly new to the cameo but have had a brother scan ‘n’ cut for some time, and these personal plotters are  fairly similar – but obviously differ in some areas!

the question related to vinyl cutting with the cameo, and related settings (again a disclaimer, I’m a card maker and haven’t used vinyl yet, though it is on my things to do list) for a full brief on checking your blade condition and test cutting, I have a blog post HERE:Help and troubleshooting- silhouette cameo/ brother scan n cut blade settings with information from one of the guys at Graphtec UK who really helped me out when I was learning the ropes!

so back to settings within the studio software-

within Silhouette studio there is a ‘general’ setting for the silhouette own brand vinyl that you can use as a guideline to what the settings will be. however as with all mediums, you will want to use the test cut function, on a fairly low setting, and increase gradually until the little triangle can be removed with no effort from the surrounding box, whilst at the same time not cut through the vinyl carrier sheet (or in the case of cardstock, the silhouette cutting mat)you will also need to make sure that whatever you set the ratchet blade to in the software, it MUST be the same on the actual machine itself- the blade depth on the silhouette ratchet blade is easily seen by looking at the little red mark on the white end cap, beneath the numbers.

The second picture shows the blade system that I personally use- the three cap Robo blade that has a pink, blue and yellow end cap- pink for cardstock ,blue for thin film, yellow for thick film and thin paper. using THIS system you only need to change the ‘thickness’ (pressure) in the software, and as long as you have the right cap on, and it is set to the cap system in the software, you will not need to mess around with it on the machine. the other benefit is when your blade dulls, you will only need to replace the blade, and not the casing.It’s a bit more expensive as an initial outlay, but is worth it in the long run, as the blades are a lot cheaper to replace. I bought mine from Target Transfers and the blades from Ebay at just under £5 per blade

I also strongly advise after each cut, taking the cap /end cap off your respective blade, and cleaning out any paper fluff or vinyl that has got up in there. that can impede the blades movement, and because it needs to swivel as it cuts, can totally wreck what you are trying to cut!

I’m linking in a video from Silhouette America showing you how to load the Cameo as that is important too! you can find the Vid HERE


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