All things Fae Market night!


Hey there everyone! I wanted to give you all a heads up- soon there is going to be an amazing market night taking place over in facebook land- with an all things fae theme! there will be fairies galore, a magical selection of handmade products from some very talented pages, who have clubbed together to bring you this event.



Above is a little peek at what is to offer- there is loads more to be discovered on the day, too! add it to your calendars, personal planners, filofaxes, random bits of paper hidden at the bottom of your handbag , or whatever you use to keep track of FABULOUS THINGS and join the event HERE: All things fae market night eventĀ 

I’m very excited to be taking part, and even more excited for the opportunity for you all to pick up some unique gifts !

before I sign off, I can’t help but show you a slightly larger sneak peek at one of my fairy cards that will be gracing the market night! it was such fun to create a series of cute and whimsical cards, with lots of floral embellishment, and just a hint of magic fairy dust sparkle on each one! they also all come in their own little card presentation box too!


I look forward to seeing you all there! over and out, Rachel!

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I'm a twenty something mad cat lady, with a rescue cat and a passion for all things crafting... You can often find me tinkering with one or other of my machines, making cards, vinyl decals for items, or doodling quietly.

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