Review- Shoe-dles by Patricia Burke

Shoe-dles by Patricia Burke

Author Artist : Patricia Burke

Publisher : Coloradoodle publications USA

Cover art coloured by : Cathy Lasam- Ballo

You can buy this Book on Amazon: Shoe-dles: pa-doodles by patty: Volume 1

Patricia, or Patty as she is usually called , loves to ‘doodle’  … so this book is full of shoes filled with beautiful designs and patterns for you to colour!


The cover of this book is a glossy finish, with a few coloured samples shown on front and back, to give you a feel of what is contained within …  and on the back cover there is also the artists website and facebook links.

 Inside the covers are an artist info page, copyright information and contact details page, a dedication page and page where you can stake your ownership of this book . It also contains details of all the colourists who worked alongside patty to promote her book and provide the coloured samples, behind the page you write your name on, 32 hand drawn shoe and boot themed coloring pages and two blotter pages at the back.

each colouring page contained inside the book is single sided, so you are able to use markers or gel pens on the pages (just make sure to use a blotter page if you aren’t working in coloured pencils!)  and are a bright crisp white. they are not an extremely  thick consistency paper  but they are not the thinnest I have seen used in colouring books either, and are fairly smooth, so promise to be nice to colour on, and stand up to marker usage as long as you are not saturating the page! If i’m working inside colouring books, I usually work in pencils though as I know the markers I use need specialist paper or cardstock!

The actual shoes and boots  you can colour inside this book range from complicated hand doodled patterns to a lot simpler , some with doodled page frames, some without a frame, so you have plenty of choice over whether you feel like colouring something simpler, or want to tackle one of the more intricate designs.

The shoe doodle  designs are also  forgiving enough that you can colour even the more challenging doodles as complicated or as simply as you like! I have to admit I spent a fair few hours colouring the flip flop from the first page of this book, as I knew what I wanted to do and picked a five colour scheme (and various shades of those colours!) but it would look just as nice I feel with less colours used, or larger spaces filled with one colour!

I like that also there are a mixture of doodles, from geometric shapes, to more floral designs, and some of the frames are quite funky too! (see the sunglasses border on the flip flop picture below!)


I did go a lot simpler colour scheme wise on the other page I picked to colour from this book- a striking high heeled shoe – that I picked only three colours for, and it looks stunning!


so whether you are a more ‘advanced’ colourist, or just starting out, my recommendation is to just have FUN and see where the patterns, and your colour choices take you!

If you are a fashion lover, and like to collect shoes, it really is worthwhile adding to your collection, as I had great fun colouring the two pages I have done so far , and there are plenty more shoe and boot styles inside the book that I’m itching to colour- like the gorgeous western boot  with a floral design, or the frou frou maribou tipped wedge heel!  Even I , who is not always particularly girly girly (and who’s shoe collection is more of the spiky, and gothic themed)  enjoyed this book!  and there is actually a more punk rock /metal shoe inside the book too, alongside the more girly shoes!

I’m also pretty sure that even though this book is for adults, some of the simpler pages would be suitable for colouring by older children.

Both the samples I have coloured as examples in this post, were printed on 300 gsm super smooth cardstock  and coloured using copic markers. the high heeled shoe also uses a blue wink of stella glitter marker.

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