Begone those Tuesday Blues!

I woke up this morning feeling rather ‘Meh’. My daughter was not cooperating in the usual morning rush to get ready for school, and was rather beside herself with a snotty nose, and a cough. Eventually she was placated with some calpol, pulled up by the bootstraps and sent off to school.  I’m also suffering after a nasty tumble at the weekend, which delayed this blog post a little! It’s OK, I’m just a little scratched and bruised, it was my pride which was the most dented, falling over in front of all the neighbours!

I decided to take a quick coffee break before starting work for the day (The daunting task of going through all my colouring page listings, and updating my Terms of Usage for starters)

I like to read through my Emails with my morning Cuppa and This morning’s reading cheered me up no end!

Cristin from Cristin April’s Art had made me her #BFF (Best Fan Forever) this week and said some really nice things about me.. d’awww I love you Cristin!)

If you want to check it out, you can read it and  sign up for her newsletter HERE!

In other news, I have added a fun selection of new pages to my own store- These can be found in the colouring pages and NEW shop categories! I’ve added the pictures here too, so you know what you are looking for.

Which is your Favourite? Mine has to be the portrait of ‘Mouse’ the little Jack Russell, who belongs to one of my best Friends, which I drew whilst I was visiting her home! She’s an adorable little pooch, and I love how snuggly she looked in her bed! I hope you love her too <3

I hope you all have a good tuesday, and have fun colouring!



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I'm a twenty something mad cat lady, with a rescue cat and a passion for all things crafting... You can often find me tinkering with one or other of my machines, making cards, vinyl decals for items, or doodling quietly.

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