Artboard mixed media and process

I’ve had this artboard in my craft stash since Alexandra Palace Craft show last September, and I thought it was about time to do something with it. When I saw a tutorial on how to use tissue paper to create a textured background, and my friend sent me something wrapped in tissue paper (with sparkles in it, no less) I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

You can find Amy Pierces Tutorial on her Youtube channel, along with many other amazing tutorials- the hearts on the back of this piece were also inspired by some of the work she has created on canvases.

Using Multi Medium Matte Gel, I adhered the crumpled tissue paper to the front side of my art board, and covered with another layer of gel. I trimmed the excess down, so I ad enough to go over the sides, and a little at the back- as that was being covered too.

Once the front was dry, I flipped it over, and covered that with another piece of tissue paper- I tore it roughly to the right size, and the extra that was left got folded back on itself and adhered on top of the first layer.

If you want to save yourself some hassle later, you should remove the tissue paper from the bottom, where it fits into the base- however, I sanded this down later so the top fit into the base.

I then diecut a heart – just because I knew I had one that was the right size and cut up the offcuts of tissue paper I used earlier.

(the heart size I used, fit inside the chipboard frame I will be using later)

I then coated the cardstock in multimedium matte, and added the tissue paper. I did about three layers, adding gel between the layers, and a final coat on top. I set that aside to dry, while I moved onto the next part.

Another beautiful thing languishing in my craft stash was this gorgeous delicate chipboard frame. I painted this using gathered twigs distress paint, and then coated in gold gilding wax. once dry, I put some liquid pearls onto my craft mat and painted the ends of the strands.

I then went back to the heart, and collected together some paints. these were a mixture of brands, including some own brand acrylics, decoart crafters acrylics and a paperartsy chalk paint. I used a red, a purple (squid ink), a black, white, and pink (thistle blossom)

To create dimension and shading to the heart, I used purple along the edges and on the left hand side, red all over, and introduced pink and white to the top right side. I dry brushed the edges a little with purple and black.

I set that aside to dry, and started work on the front of the artboard.

I painted this with peacock feathers distress paint, and decoart crafters acrylics in tropical blue and bright purple, before dry brushing all over with squid ink paperartsy chalk paint. I then drybrushed around the edges with black acrylic.

once that was dry, I flipped it over, and painted the back using the same colours, only this time, I used a wet brush, to let more of the pink sparkly tissue paper show through. I also added some flicks of peacock feather distress paint, before again, drybrushing with purple and black.

once dry, I hand painted three hearts on strings using red, black, and white paint.

as you can see, the sparkles show through the watered down acrylics beautifully, and add even more texture to the piece.

I left to dry again, and moved on to working on the base.

this I covered liberally with a spatula in squid ink, making sure to leave some texture in the paint.

I then went in with a dry brush and some peacock feather distress paint, and again, edged in black.

I finished up by covering in gold gilding wax, and using a damp baby wipe, I rubbed this off in random areas.

I set this aside, and went back to assembling the front.

I cut a rectangle of white cardstock, and using lawn fawn alphas, stamped and heat embossed the word ‘Always’ (Kelly Taylor gets credit for this, as I asked some of my friends what wording I should use, and she suggested that one. it fit, so I used it. )

I distressed with vintage photo distress stain on some foam, distressed the edges, and inked those using the applicator top on the distress stain bottle.

once I was happy with it, I coated the back in multimedium matte gel, and added to the centre of the heart. I also had a gorgeous key charm that I bought when I started card making, and visited my friend Sam. I thought this would be perfect to add too, so I added multimedium matte to the back of the key and put that at the base of the heart.

I then went in with some black acrylic to really make the heart pop out from the background.

It was at this point too that I used multimedium matte again to adhere the frame, around the heart, nicely centred on the artboard.

All that was left to do now was sand down the base, where there was tissue paper and paint stopping it from fitting snugly into the base. Once it was slotted in, I added some dry brushed black paint along the join, to bring the two pieces together.

and voila. a finished multi media artboard.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial /process documentation, and the finished piece, and that it has inspired you to get your paints out and give some mixed media a go!

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