Buddha Cat Life In Space Adult Colouring Book Review

Buddha Cat Life In Space Colouring book review

Artists: Felini David and Nilo Tan

Publisher: Dark Horse


Where to Purchase This Book

You can buy this book on Amazon for £10.00 GBP (price correct at the time of this article being published)

What this book contains

This book has a matte cover, in black and white. Inside are- A page with the artists info on,52 colouring pages, and a blank page at the back of the book.

Page layout and thickness

The pages are a light cream colour, and normal paper weight for Createspace printed colouring books , which is a thinnish smooth paper. you can slightly see the page after the current one through the paper, but it is not tissue thin either.

This book is single sided, which is always a bonus for colouring.If there is any bleed through when you are colouring, It will not mark anything directly behind it as the page is blank.

I do always recommend placing a few sheets of paper or a piece of thick cardstock behind the page you are working on. If you are working with markers or gel pens, this will ensure that any bleed through doesn’t make it onto the following pages, and to eliminate any pen/pencil marks if you are a little heavy handed with your pressure.

my impression and thoughts on this book

Buddha Cat Life in space is a unique and interesting colouring book – I’ve not seen a book like it before, and as a cat lover, I jumped at the chance to review it!

This book I feel is suitable for intermediate to advanced colourists, as although there are a lot of large spaces within this book, there are quite a few pages with smaller spaces on too, where you will need a steady hand, and sharp pencils or diamond tip gel pens/ fineliner markers. The pages I have coloured from this book, have been coloured using Prismacolor Premier pencils and a white GellyRoll gel pen.

I really enjoyed this book as I like to colour a mixture of larger and smaller spaces. I enjoyed the cohesive theme, and colouring the cats, and trying my hand at the crystal mountains. The different ‘settings’ contained within the pages of Buddha Cat allowed me to practice different colouring techniques to show textures and lighting.

colouring in this book

The pages of Buddha Cat in Space all have an element of black coloured background and/or grey areas to them, and some of the pages that are printed with the black background are repeated with a grey background- so you can create your own spacey style backgrounds if the colourist wishes to. Most of the black areas on the pages have little white stars in them which are really pretty and add to the space theme. I liked having the choice of colouring my own backgrounds, or colouring pages where it had already been added for you, though the ink does transfer slightly from the black areas if you use a blending pencil.

the line art in this book is varying weights of line work- pretty  crisp and neat, usually on the thinner side than the thick chunky lines you would find in some books. I personally prefer the thinner lines as you can use a ‘no lines’ style of colouring on those parts, which can make the items really dimensional, and either blend into or stand out from the background as much as you wish.

The art itself within the book is well conceived and well drawn, with excellent eye to detail, proportion and perspective.

For the full book flick through, please see the video below:

my Coloured Samples from this book

I really enjoyed colouring in this book- especially the page with the Crystal mountains. If you like the effects shown here, please check out Vitruvian Art’s tutorial on colouring Crystals with coloured pencil.

On this page there were no stars on the black background, so I included my own using my White Gelly Roll Gel pen.

The cats in the pod were a little tricky to colour, but the artists of this book included the pod at this size to mostly show the scale of the mountains!  to create the ‘glass’ on the pod, I used my white prismacolor pencil gently over the black background without using the clear blending pencil.

The rest of the coloured areas utilised the blending pencil, and pencils in red, orange, yellow and a dark blue for the deep cast shadows.


I also coloured this page from the book using prismacolor pencils with a touch of white gelly roll gel pen:

Note to colourists- be careful trying to use the blending pencil near or on top of the black backgrounds. you do get a little transfer.

on this page I was inspired by the Buddhist monks orange robes, so coloured the cat’s space suits to reflect this.

 blues, greens, greys and beiges  were also used to reflect on colours found in the natural world, with just a touch of silver metalic prismacolor pencil.

I added my  white gel pen  to some of the window areas, to show the curve, and light shining on them.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! if you have any questions or comments please do leave them below!



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