Winter scene christmas card

Christmas Card creating at Rachel gillham Art

Hi there folks! I’ve been a busy bee this past couple of months, with an abundance of Christmas orders being created! I’ve definitely been getting sparkly, especially with these gorgeous snow scene cards- perfect for those that aren’t a fan of the traditional style of christmas card, or those that celebrate alternative winter festivals.

Winter scene christmas card

Created by Rachel gillham of

Winter scene christmas card Created by Rachel gillham of
I’ve had the fortune to visit the Card-Io stand at both Alexandra Palace craft show, and the Crafting Live Show at Peterborough. They certainly do have an amazing array of stamps, and I fell in love with their Birch trees at first glance! Card-Io are renowned for demo-ing some beautiful card making techniques on the more ‘clean and simple’ approach to card making, and I used a couple of their techniques to create these.

I have perhaps used a little more colour than they do, because I really wanted to add a beautiful crisp blue wintery sky to my cards, and really make this layout my own. I also couldn’t help but add a few fallen branches to the scene too, and an extra helping of glitter snow, where it would naturally drift in the crooks of the tree branches. To get the benefit of the glitter, you really would have to see them in person, as it is so so hard to capture in a simple picture!

Needless to say, these cards have been a big hit this year, and as much as i’m not really a fan of Christmas, personally, I have loved making these cards. Every one has been unique- In my handmade cards, I try to make every single one slightly different so every recipient of an RGA card gets one that is totally unique and different to any other card they will receive!

I have closed my order books for christmas now, but they remain open for custom Cards for other celebrations and public holidays!

And just remember- right now, a lot of greetings cards created by me, are heavily discounted, and will be for the entire month of November! You can find them in the Clearance Section of the RGA Online Store

I wish you all the best of times this Winter season, and look forward to creating some of you something Beautiful in the coming months, and don’t forget you can find me on social media! Just hit the little social media icons of your choice on this website, and they will transport you there. Easy peasy!


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