Artistic Pendants By Rachel Gillham Art

Playing with Pebeo Prisme Paints

Playing With Pebeo Prisme Paints!

Hi there everyone! I’ve returned, and gosh things are crazy busy as always here. At the moment There’s a sick bug going round at the little ones school, and I have already fallen foul of it. Poor Mr RGA finally succumbed last night, so I’m blogging with my mouth full of toast, after having done the whole ‘get the kids awake/dressed /fed off to school’ routine by myself…. which as it turns out is totally manageable, but I usually don’t like 7 am very much at all, and prefer to be on call for all the stuff going on once they are meant to be in bed ?

I digress anyway from the real reason I wanted to make a post this morning, and the topic of that post is Pebeo Prisme Paints!

My Sistaz over in the USA sent me some pennies to spend for my birthday last year, and I saved them until the Hobbycraft Sale, then filled my boots. One of the things I bought was one of the Pebeo Prisme mini pot sets, and I’m finally getting a chance to use them!


Once I’d had a bit of a general mess around with them, I thought they would look really pretty as resin encapsulated pendants for jewellery .. and these were born.

Artistic Pendants By Rachel Gillham Art

Pebeo Prisme and Resin Pendants set in Bezels. By Rachel Gillham art of

I think that they turned out very effectively, and I am LOVING learning all about resin right now. It’s certainly not always as easy as it looks, but I’m enjoying the challenge, and creating with excitement!

until next time, 

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