Giraffe easter egg free page from all rights reserved Rachel Gillham 2018

Easter Giraffe colouring page freebie

hi there! I have a special easter freebie for you- this cute chibi style giraffe in an egg, that I drew last year. Today I updated it a little, giving it a few tweaks, as my drawing style has changed a little since last year, and I like to update things where possible!

Giraffe easter egg free page from all rights reserved Rachel Gillham 2018

Originally, this was not an easter image, but was drawn when April the giraffe had her baby – remember the hours spent looking at livestream videos, trying to spot the onset of labour? My children and I were lucky enough to catch the birth live, and it amazed them. But before they saw it, they did kinda think from reading all the trolls comments on the channel, that giraffes actually did lay eggs…and so, this image was born ( excuse the pun). At age 5 and 7 they were truly amazed by the miracle of birth, and it was such a brilliant educational experience for them. i did have to reassure them that they weren’t dropped several feet onto the floor when they were born though!

Like most of my lineart this was drawn in procreate using an apple pencil. For the high quality full size image grab it from this link! 

now the boring stuff- this is a free image I have made available, only to be found on my artist page on facebook, my group, and here on this blog post. If you want to share the freebie with your friends, please make sure you are doing so by sharing a link to the post from one of these places, and not by just sending them the picture. It is to be used for personal use only and for no commercial purposes unless I give my express permission.


You can find other freebie colouring pages, and other digital downloads including full digital copies of all my published colouring books in the RGA online store, HERE

Thank you, have fun colouring, and happy easter!

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