About the Mad Artist



Hi there! If you clicked the ‘about me’ button, you obviously want to know who Rachel Gillham is, right?

well obviously, I’m Rachel, and I’m  a colouring book Author, Artist and Craft Addict from the rural wilds of Rutland, England. Fun fact- Rutland is actually the smallest rural county in England. We’re pretty small!

I am a self confessed paper and embellishment hoarder and I live to create! I am passionate about Drawing, Card making and painting and I love to read when I get a chance. I’ve made handmade cards for the past five years, and I’ve been drawing for a lot longer.

I also have two small children, who also LOVE to create things, when they aren’t playing games, and falling out with each other, and a slightly psychotic Bengal cross moggy who is a rescue cat.  I’m also wife to a slightly muddy horticulturalist (the kids dad) who puts up with the house never being a show home, meals never being on time, and odd splodges of paint where they really shouldn’t be!

If you’d like to know more, or have any questions you’d like to ask (within reason), please do get in touch!

You can find me easily on Facebook by clicking the link HERE.

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* vest top in this picture by Dominic Phillips art from his Redbubble store ❤️