top 5 fur colouring tutorials from around the web

Hi there! It’s been a little while since I posted as I have been sooo busy drawing and working on the website! but today, because it is caturday, I thought I’d share with you five awesome fur colouring techniques that I’ve rounded up from around the internet, and some of […]

Mixed Media on Canvas Board 2

Hi there! This month has been a hard one for me… I always have a hard time when it gets close to Christmas as *Gasp* I’m not really a holidays person. I always somehow feel like because I’m such a Grinch I’ll let my little ones down, so I’m trying […]

Meg Cowley Art colouring pages Etsy &Amazon Review 2

Hi there everyone! recently in the Coloring co-op group, I found an artist that shock horror, I knew NOTHING about! she even comes from the same country as me! I’m really happy I found her designs as they are absolutely stunning. I’ve had the chance to colour two of the pages […]